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Rotax revision to service instruction

לתשומת לב בעלי מטוסים עם מנועי רוטאקס - שימו לב למספרים הסידוריים הרלבנטים. להבנתי דווקא במנועים חדשים יותר.

Rotax has issued a revision to a Service Instruction initially released in April 2021, titled "Maintenance Task Add-on for Engine Suspension Frame Assembly for ROTAX® Engine Type 916 i (Series), 915 i (Series), 912 i (Series), 912 and 914 (Series)."To access the Service Instruction:


Click on the link below to watch a video providing insights into the original Service Instruction from April 2021 and detailing the updates in the latest revision.  

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